Top 8 High-End Cigar Cutters


Cigar smoking is a sensory experience.

Using high-end cutters to give your cigars a good trim is as important as using a good glass for your fine scotch. That being said, not all cigar cutters are created equally. Not only do they come in different forms, but also sizes, gauges, warranties, and prices.

If you’re a cigar newbie, you might be tempted to chew the end of your cigar off, putting on your best Clint Eastwood impression. Well, we hate to break it to you, but not only will you ruin your fine cigars, but you’ll also have people laughing at you instead of with you. You see, cigar cutting is a matter of etiquette but also a prerequisite for a quality smoking experience.

On the other hand, if you’re a cigar aficionado on the hunt for unique cigar cutters, you know how important proper cutting is. Some cutters will cut a little too deep, resulting in the cap unraveling, while others will squash the cigar instead of cutting the end.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded the best cigar cutters for 2022 that will last a long time and treat your cigars with respect. Of course, it’s all a matter of preference on how loose or tight you like the draw of your cigar or what shape and size of cigars you’re smoking. Hopefully, this guide will clear things out for you. Ready? Let’s go!

Types of Unique Cigar Cutters
There are essentially 4 main types of cigar cutters:

  • Guillotine — The most basic type of cutter, preferred by most cigar aficionados thanks to its precision. It makes straight, clean cuts, usually from both ends. The guillotine is practical and inexpensive and works well on all cigar types.
  • V-cutters/Wedge cutters — Their innovative design creates a notched hole in one of the cigar’s ends without cutting off the edge completely. As a result, you get a generous area to draw sufficient air without getting exposed to debris. However, V-cutters might be a bit trickier to use since you must avoid cutting too deep. If that happens, your cigar will smoke hotter than intended.
  • Scissor cutters — They’re made from stainless steel, guaranteeing clean cuts. In addition, they’re lightweight, easy to carry on keychains, and often multi-functional. 
  • Punch — Like V-cutters, they don’t chop off the end of the cigar completely. Instead, they create a circular hole in the cap with a sharp blade. You simply determine the appropriate size of the punch and then insert the blade and cut. However, they don’t work so well with small ring gauge cigar brands or torpedo brands.

The Best Cigar Cutters for 2022
Guillotine Cutters
1. Savoy Steel Cutter
These Savoy cutters are kicking off our list of the best cigar cutters for cigar aficionados. Wrapped in a firm alloy housing, they provide a clean-cut and deliver great value. Their classic double blade can be used for just about any cigar for a fair price. In addition, you can choose between a black or chrome finish and transform your cigar cutting into a seamless experience.

2. Xikar Xi1
This cutter is durable, practical, and ergonomic. With double guillotine blades and a spring-loaded aluminum shell, it can neatly take off the cap of up to 60-ring gauge cigars. With an average price of $56, you can choose from a vast selection of colorful finishes for flawless cigar cuts.

3. Lotus Jaws V-Cutter
Next on our list of the best cigar cutters for 2022 is the Lotus Jaws V-Cutter. With precision blades that some call shark teeth, you can easily cut up to 62-ring gauge cigars. Constructed with lightweight meta, this unique cigar cutter is one of the lightest options to carry around or throw in your golf bag. The finger holes are also large enough to accommodate any finger size, which is definitely a thoughtful touch.

4. Colibri V-Cut
The Colibri V-Cut will give you the precise deep v-cut you want in a cutter with a spring-loaded double blade. It’s compact and lightweight to keep in your pocket or bag for enjoying a good cut on the go. In addition, it can handle up to 60-ring gauge cigars, allowing you to enjoy a Cubanito anytime.

Scissor cutters
5. Xikar MTX Cutter
If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that also cuts cigars, then the Xikar MTX Cutter is the best option. It includes a bottle opener, a flame adjuster, a small screwdriver, and a cigar poker. Thanks to the dual blades that open widely, it can cut incredibly fat cigars. In addition, the lightweight stainless steel and the keyring that comes with it make it the perfect pocket-friendly scissors cutter on the market.

6. Visol Scissors Cutter
For the best cigar scissors, check out the Visol Scissors Cutter to get the job done in a balanced and contemporary fashion. Suitable for the cigar aficionado who prefers an accurate cut, even for fatter cigars, it can cut 60-plus ring gauge cigars seamlessly due to the lack of aperture surrounding the blades. The price is around $35, a true value for money.

7. Xikar 009 Punch Cutter
This unique cutter has a keyring to easily attach to your keys and carry them with you. It delivers a clean punch to your favorite cigars while the blade recedes seamlessly with an easy pull. It comes in chick, contemporary finishes of silver and black and can be used for a range of cigar gauges. It’s sharp, convenient, and a must-have to never leave your house without a cutter again.

8. Xikar 011 Spark Plug Punch Cutter
Lastly, a sporty and functional alternative with a keyring for easy transfers. Its variable locking positions guarantee that you won’t punch too deep. Designed to look like a spark plug, it has a razor-sharp cylindrical blade of 11mm that expands and retracts conveniently. If you’re carrying this cutter in your pocket, be sure to tuck the blade in with a few twists for extra safety.

Pick Your High-end Cigar Cutters!
Cigar smoking is a ritual from start to finish. Therefore, every detail should be taken care of with class and etiquette — and your cigar cutters can’t be an exception. Hopefully, this guide has given you a solid foundation of the best cigar cutters for 2022 to help you pick the right one for your needs.

And since life’s too short to smoke low-quality cigars, we plead with you not to smoke those pre-cut gas station cigars that offend the smoking trade. Try our small-batch premium cigars instead, and get a taste of heaven. Have them delivered right to your doorstep for a unique smoking experience. Explore our wide variety today and frost yourself with flavor and taste!