Top 7 Cigars for Summer 2023


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your best premium cigars out and enjoy some sun and sea. Smoking outside just makes sense. And although we love nesting in our little house caves in front of flat screens with snacks and whiskey, smoking outdoors just maximizes the pleasure. After all, not everyone has access to quality cigar lounges or cigar-friendly playrooms.

So, grab your golf stick, row your boat in a lake, or simply sunbathe under the warm sun with the best cigars for summer 2022. No one shall stand in your way! Just make sure to find your next batch of premium cigars at and get your cigar supplies ready for battle. Now, let us introduce you to the 7 best cigars online for the upcoming summer season.

7 Best Premium Cigars for 2023

Transitioning from coats to linen pants is a small yet significant change that marks a new season. And with every change comes a favorite habit to accompany it. We know that it can be challenging for cigar aficionados to spot the best cigars for 2022 with the plethora of flavors and formats. That’s why we’ve rounded our best cigars online to enjoy your cigar smoking experience headache-free. Let’s get puffing!

1. Ezra Zion – Fried Chicken Secret Recipe
Sometimes the best thing you can do is stay true to the classics instead of experimenting. That’s why the Ezra Zion – Fried Chicken Secret Recipe cigar is on top of our list. With a profile of heavy whipping cream, buttercream, cardamom, and hints of spice, it’ll remain imprinted on your mind. The richness and complexity of the flavors are irresistible.

This full-bodied, full-strength cigar is a blend of some of the most high-quality tobacco on earth. With a flawless, buttery Corojo 99 claro leaf as a wrapper, and fillers aging 7-13 years, we can guarantee that it’ll leave you begging for more. Although intended for experienced cigar smokers, if you’re looking to step up your smoking game this summer, this is the right match for you.

2. Jeremy Piven’s Illusione Collection
Our next-best premium cigar will fit the bill if you’re looking for a companion during your golf sessions. The Jeremy Piven’s Illusione Collection is a mild and creamy cigar loaded with rich flavors and aromas. With a profile of bitters, cream, and ginger snap, it’ll lead the way in a world of illusion and olfactory. The finish will tantalize your palate without overwhelming it. Also, if you’re considering getting married this summer, or attending groomsmen rituals, make sure you bring a pack of the Illusione collection cigars; you’ll need it!

3. Folds of Honor Collection
If you’re looking for a summer cigar to enjoy with a refreshing daiquiri or an ice-called lager, the Folds of Honor will carry this noble mission. An elegant profile of coffee, leather, and cedar will match perfectly with warm sunny days. Its Dominican and Nicaraguan blend brings home medium-bodied flavors rooted in bold, earthy tones. So for an ideal summer gift for any cigar enthusiast, the Folds of Honor will seal the deal.

4. Josh Creel PGA Collection
Notes of walnut, honey, white pepper, and aged rum make for a beautiful mild cigar that you’d want to accompany with cold beers. Its subtle notes of white pepper will keep your mind sharp from all the honey dizziness, ready for your wild summer nights. On the other hand, the aged Caribbean rum will put you in a relaxed mode without a worry in the world. So, if you’re taking it easy this summer, go for a smooth, light cigar like the Josh Creel PGA Collection, and thank us later!

5. Mayans M.C. Gordo
Picture this. It’s a chilly summer night, and you’re sitting around the campfire with a neat bourbon under the starry sky. It’s almost a sin not having a cigar to puff your night away. Hailing from Nicaragua, the Mayans cigar is a stunning mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan binder and filler that’ll perfectly accompany your summer memories. 

A full-bodied profile full of rich wood, chocolate, and pepper notes creates an experience that excites your palate from start to finish. With solid construction and an equal burn finish, it’s the perfect companion for your summer adventures. So grab yours today before they ride off into the sunset for good.

6. The Nutcracker
Our list of the best cigars for 2022 would not be complete without the stellar Nutcracker cigar. The roasted peanuts and milk-chocolate Nicaraguan wrapper is a combination for the ages. With cedar, pepper, and nougat notes and a subtle undertone of sweet spice showing face on the finish, it sets the bar very high. Consider smoking it when you’re on a boat or out in the wild, as it’ll bring you a sense of coming home.

7. The Hayley
For an everyday cigar that’s easy to smoke, we’ll point you straight to the Hayley. The cigar embodies all that is right and pure. In a 45-minute smoke, you’ll experience a smooth, epic, and fun goodness of cedar, hickory, and a touch of hay. Its short stature will make it an excellent alternative for occasional cigar smokers or cigar newbies. This unpretentious cigar won’t overwhelm you, but it’ll add a nice touch of spice to your life. So, if you’re hitting the golf course or the beach with your buddies, don’t forget to take some Hayley cigars with you.

Choose the Best Premium Cigars for Summer 2022
Picking the right cigars for the upcoming summer season should not be left on luck. Summer is all about exploring new flavors, aromas, and formats while staying true to the classics. We’re confident that there’s something for everyone’s palate, from the cigar newbie to the cigar aficionado

Hopefully, you now have a full range of options to choose from. At, we take your pleasure seriously, and we want to make sure that you have a good cigar pair to accompany your summer vacations. So explore our wide variety of the best premium cigars and get your supplies ready for the sunny season!