Top 6 Summer Destinations for Cigar Smokers


With the summer at its peak and the sun not showing any signs of mercy this year, it’s time to start planning your cigar vacation. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your flavorsome bundles of joy during quick weekend breaks or are on the hunt for extended getaways, there are plenty of options for ideal destinations this summer.

For many cigar aficionados, smoking isn’t just a hobby. Instead, it’s a lifestyle full of culture, rich history, and exploration. After all, cigars make travels even more relaxed and exciting, as they indulge the senses in unforgettable experiences. So instead of taking your wife and kids to the same old cruise and beaches, why not check out some of the top summer destinations for cigar smokers?

1. Havana, Cuba

This might not come as a surprise, but what is a better place to enjoy your favorite cigars other than the number one destination of cigar lovers? This Caribbean oasis will make for a most luxurious getaway with its tropical climate and stunning scenery. In addition, Cuba has a rich culture and extensive nightlife, offering something for everyone to enjoy. 

Notably, the Cuban capital of Havana is ideal for authentic factory cigar travel tours to see first-hand the impeccable quality of Cuban tobacco. Alternatively, you can visit the plush tobacco plantations of the Cuban countryside and, of course, enjoy a glass of Havana Club Rum while you’re there. With the recent travel allowances making it easier to visit Cuba from the US, this is the perfect time to enjoy tropical sceneries with some delicious Cuban cigars right from the source.

2. Punta Cana,The Dominican Republic

The homeland of cigars offers a wide range of activities for cigar enthusiasts, such as trips to the many cigar factories, exploration of the country’s tobacco fields, and strolls around the plantations. Make sure to visit some of the most well-known cigar factories: La Aurora Cigar World, the Davidoff Factory, Quesada Cigars Factory, and the Tabacalera De Garcia Factory. 

This tropical paradise offers a plethora of activities to enjoy while puffing your bundles of goodness. For example, if you like golf, check out the exquisite La Cana Golf Course with panoramic sea views and crystal clear waters. Alternatively, explore the gorgeous Punta Cana beaches or enjoy the lively nightlife for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Estelí, Nicaragua

Next on our list of cigar-friendly resorts is the second-largest city in Nicaragua, also known for its cigar culture. Estelí might not be a typical vacation destination, but it surely is an unforgettable one for cigar lovers. Enjoy local factory tours, traverse the thriving tobacco fields, and discover how some of the world’s most famous cigars are made. 

For the adventurous, explore the beautiful Nicaraguan white beaches and take a trip to the steep slopes of the volcano Cerro Negro. In addition, visit the beach at Las Peñitas, lined with beachfront cafes and bars, and enjoy exquisite cigars with incredible sunsets. Finally, don’t make the mistake of skipping Plasencia Cigars to discover some of the world’s most famous cigars from Casa Magna, Alec Bradley, and Rocky Patel. You might also get the chance to create your own blend — what more to ask?

4. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Okay, so Las Vegas might not have the historical tobacco fields and cigar factories to show, but it’s a great place to be if you’re a cigar connoisseur. Why? Because it’s the capital city of gambling, all good gamblers know that cigars are essential when hitting the tables. Plus, you also get the chance to enjoy your favorite cigars indoors, especially if you’re visiting all-inclusive resorts with cigar bars. 

In addition, Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest tobacco conventions. We highly recommend stopping by Casa Fuente Cigars and enjoying some of the Arturo Fuente cigars. So if you love the nightlife in a vibrant city full of nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, and bars, Las Vegas is a go-to.

5. Tampa, Florida, USA

Although it doesn’t sound as sexy as Las Vegas, Tampa is on our list for a good reason. It used to be the world’s cigar capital (say what?), with Ybor City holding the annual Cigar Heritage Festival. Moreover, it’s home to many famous cigar makers, such as the J.C. Newman and Arturo Fuente families. So if you’re down to learn more about cigar history, Tampa is the place to be this summer.

During the 17th century, cigar manufacturers flocked to the city, bringing hundreds of Cuban and Spanish immigrants to work in their cigar factories. The workers started forming communities, which later became the boiling pots of cigar history. This vibrant city today has a rich nightlife and fantastic Latin American food. Moreover, it is the perfect destination for the whole family since it has beaches and bays nearby, leaving time for cigar junkies to visit Ybor City. A win-win!

6. Danli, Honduras

Honduras is for the adventure-seekers who love activities such as kayaking, diving, rafting, and snorkeling while also dabbing into the cigar roots. Many local manufacturers offer cigar travel tours to give you a taste of how cigars are made and what qualities to look for when buying cigars.

If you’re a true cigar enthusiast, you can’t skip visiting the Carretera al Paraiso, taking the Rocky Patel Cigar Factory Tour, or seeing the breathtaking Jamastran Valley tobacco fields. Honduras is known for its thriving ecosystems, and Danli is the epitome of culture and history. This may not be your typical summer destination, but we guarantee you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

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