Top 6 Non-Alcoholic Drinks With Cigar


Searching for non-alcoholic cigar pairings to amplify your puffing enjoyment? We got you! Not everyone drinks alcohol. And not all occasions are the same. There comes a time when you might have non-alcoholic guests over. Or perhaps you decide to cling to your non-alcohol New Year’s resolutions.

But what should you pour when you don’t feel like boozin’ when smokin’? Cigars tend to dry our palate, so it’s generally recommended to enjoy them with a beverage at hand. Finding a proper refreshment gets even trickier, with most suggestions circling whisky, cognac, and beers. Understanding what kind of tea, coffee, or juice would go well with your stogies is a difficult choice to make.

Luckily we’re here to help! Whatever camp you’re in, if the idea of cigar drink pairings nonalcoholic excites you, we’re all about it. That’s why we’ve rounded some awesome beverages to pair with your favorite stogies and take your puffing to new levels. For premium cigars in small batches, check out Order your exclusive cigars online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Best Non-alcoholic Drinks With Cigar

Truth be told, there are no strict guidelines when pairing drinks with cigars. As a general rule of thumb, one should not overpower the other. Otherwise, the whole point of pairing is defeated. And, of course, you want them to taste good together. If the chemistry is good, you embark on a new and exciting flavor path.

So now that we understand the pairing mindset, let’s explore some flavor synergies to get you started:

1. Tea

Tea is a versatile drink that compliments almost any cigar. This beverage comes in infinite flavors, making it one of our top non-alcoholic cigar pairings. Drunk without milk helps enhance the rich tones of stronger smokes, such as Jeremy Piven’s Illusione Collection.

On the other hand, green tea makes a perfect partner for milder cigars, such as Jordan Adler’s “Beach Money” Cigar. Adding some honey, milk, or sugar to your tea could also pair well with sweeter cigars like the Josh Creel PGA Collection 2nd Edition. The possibilities are endless! Many also enjoy iced tea to enhance their not-so-sweet cigars. It’s all about experimenting.

2. Coffee

Coffee and tobacco are a top choice among non-alcoholic cigar pairings. Their similar way of creation and processing in the golden zone of the world gives them an earthly tone and flavors that tend to overlap each other. The easiest way to decide what coffee to drink while drawing your favorite stogies is by considering similarities between the tastes.

For example, medium-bodied cigars with nutty and spicey flavors like Gurkha – Prize Fighter would go well with a medium roast nutty coffee. Controversially, stronger, full-bodied cigars with leathery flavors like Folds of Honor Collection would go well with full-bodied roasts that highlight their acidic undertones.

3. Hot Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this next suggestion of hot chocolate and cigars. Chocolate is another versatile drink that can bring out the flavors of your favorite stogies. Particularly stogies with creamy and nutty aromas can be enhanced by the cocoa’s sweetness.

For example, Ezra Zion – FRIED CHICKEN Secret Recipe blends heavy whipping cream, spice, cardamom, and buttercream. The chocolate’s sweetness perfectly enhances the richness and complexity of flavors without becoming overwhelming. Naturally, the type of milk used for your refreshment can also boost the flavor. For instance, the higher levels of cow’s milk, the creamier the final taste.

4. Sparkling Water

It might come as a surprise, but sparkling water is the best drink with cigars. While this may be one of the less exciting options, most cigar aficionados simply can’t smoke without a glass of water alongside. That’s because, due to the sparkling water’s fizzing qualities, the palate refreshes itself without losing the complexity of the cigar’s flavors.

This is not only a healthier bubbly alternative to alcoholic drinks but also an accessible one. Sparkling water goes well with pretty much any type of cigar since it’s a neutral, flavorless drink. So, for example, you can enjoy a “Damn Good Day” Robusto with its complexity of aromas, along with a cup of sparkling water to really taste those flavors to their core.

5. Diet Cola

Most cigar connoisseurs enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola with their smoke. That’s mainly because of people’s love for soda and less about the flavor synergy. Nevertheless, this is among our top cigar drink pairings nonalcoholic since it’s simple and refreshing. Now, let’s talk flavors. Be aware that smoking sweeter cigars while sipping Diet Cola might result in losing those tastes.

On the other hand, leathery earthly smokes would make a much better pairing. For example, the Folds of Honor Collection packs lovely muscular smokes in a bold leathery bouquet of earth, leather, and cedar. The lack of sweetness would perfectly match Cola’s properties and make for an excellent everyday pairing.

6. Non-alcoholic Beer

Our cigar pairing chart would not be complete without non-alcoholic beers. Of course, you already know that beer makes a great partner for cigars. But what if I told you that alcohol is not a must? In fact, many teetotalers enjoy a nice glass of non-alcoholic beer with their stogies.

Keep in mind that light beers tend to pair better with mild to medium-bodied sticks to make the perfect pairings. So, for example, you can enjoy a Dilly Dilly – Dylan Davis Jockey Collection with subtle flavor notes of graham cracker, hay, and roasted peanut, along with a nice glass of malt-based, caramel-toned beer.

Enjoy Your Non-alcoholic Drinks With Cigars!

Smoking your favorite stogies without something to drink is half the pleasure. Puffing is a ritual and should be done with clarity. In order to keep your palate refreshed and your taste buds activated, pour a glass of your favorite non-alcoholic drink and sip after every puff. From mocktails to tea, there’s truly something for everyone.

So don’t hesitate to experiment with your own non-alcoholic cigar pairings, and let us know how it went! Just make sure you have your stogies in place by purchasing your small premium batches at Cheers to you!