Top 5 Cigars for Your Bachelor Party


Are you looking for cigars for a bachelor party?

Cigars on the boat, around the campfire, or even just around the patio are a stellar way to start awesome conversations and get nostalgic for the good old days. They are perfect for creating moments of fun and pleasure with your friends and making the overall experience memorable.

Even if you’re a cigar newbie or your friends are not so familiar with cigars, they’re a must-have for your festivities. What better way to celebrate a man’s “last night of freedom” and warm up your bonds with friends before the big day? So make sure to add them to your party supplies and get enough for everyone to enjoy. After all, you can always toss the leftovers back into your humidor.

But before that, be sure that your bachelor party is cigar-friendly. Cigars might not be a good idea if you plan a physical activity like hiking. Not to mention that you’ll not have any time to light up your favorite stogies. On the other hand, if your plans include poker, golfing, or just a simple barbecue, cigars can skyrocket the experience. That’s why on this list, we summed up the best cigars for groomsmen. Let’s dive in!

Why Cigars for Bachelor’s Party?

The tradition of bringing cigars to bachelor’s parties has lasted for years, and there’s a reason for it. Special cigars are perfect for marking momentous occasions since they’re fun, flavorful, and sophisticated. In addition, they make the perfect gift for groomsmen or loved ones and are excellent for bonding between friends. And, let’s face it. They taste pretty darn good too!

Whether you’re a cigar newbie or an aficionado, bringing a bulk of cigars to your bachelor party is a stellar opportunity for everyone to try some delicious stogies. So if you’d prefer a quieter, more sophisticated celebration rather than a raving night out at a strip club, bulk cigars for weddings are bound to advance your experience.

Tips for Bachelor Cigars

Before jumping on our list of the best cigars to celebrate with, we’re here to help you with 4 tips on picking your bachelor party cigars:

  • Pick cigars that are friendly enough for beginners — if you’re a cigar lover yourself, chances are your tastes will have matured over time. However, it’s important to remember that probably not all your attendants are cigar smokers. So make sure to pick cigars that are low in nicotine and are milder for beginners to try.
  • Go with shorter lengths and shapes — shorter-length cigars that last about half an hour or so are ideal for cigar newbies or when the time is short. Therefore, I would highly recommend them if your schedule is jam-packed.
  • Bring enough cigars for everyone — If your group isn’t too large, bring at least 50% more than 1 cigar per person. For example, if your group has 6 friends, bring over 9 cigars. This way, if some of them want a second stogie, you’ll be able to provide it.
  • Don’t break the bank — don’t opt for highly sophisticated cigars that’ll cost you an arm and a leg to get because chances are that they won’t be appreciated. Most of your attendants will likely be cigar beginners who haven’t developed a taste for fine cigars. So make sure to pick among the cigars listed below that will not empty your wallet.

5 Best Cigars to Celebrate With

1. United Cigars – Irish Car Bomb Firecracker Limited Edition

Starting with a shorty, this vitola-shaped Irish goodie is the perfect length for cigar beginners but is also appreciated by cigar aficionados. The rich, creamy coffee, citrus, and white pepper profile will excite your guests’ palate, leaving everyone asking for more. Don’t be fooled by the small size of this Dominican-grown stogie. It’ll make for a top-notch bachelor party cigar, especially when you don’t have tons of time to enjoy a larger one.

2. The Hayley – A Exclusive

This is a crowd favorite and ideal for those trying a cigar for the first time. Irresistible on the outside as it is on the inside, “The Hayley” embodies all that is good and pure. It’ll give you a 45-minute soft smoke with coffee, cedar, and light spice flavors that’ll stay engraved in your mind. So for those enjoying light yet rich flavors, this is actual heaven that’ll have everyone at your party talking about it. Plus, you can purchase it at a bargain price without breaking the bank.

3. Jordan Adler’s “Beach Money” Cigar

If you’re having a beach party and are looking for the perfect blend, look no more. Jordan Adler’s “Beach Money” is for those nights when you’re laying flat on the white-sand beach overlooking the stars with the ocean breeze caressing your face. The honeycomb, cashew, and salt profile produce a creamy smoke that’ll make the transition to your new life super smooth. Although a more premium option as far as budget goes, it’s definitely a must-have for best cigars for groomsmen.

4. Gurkha – Hudson Bay

If you and your friends are looking for premium flavors, then the “Hudson Bay” is a classic option. Handcrafted in one of Nicaragua’s top factories, it gives pepper, espresso, and leather notes, with a muscular San Andres wrapper. This velvety-smooth cigar is medium in strength, delicious, and deeply discounted, which will appeal to even the most demanding smokers at your bachelor’s party.

5. Room 101 x Pospiech – Who Shot Ya? Limited Edition

Last but not least, these limited edition “Who Shot Ya” cigars are extra fine if you want to exit single life with a blast. They pour on full flavor with a bold profile of leather, oak, and hints of spice. Only 500 cigars were made with this rare and proprietary blend, so make sure to enjoy them on your special day. Share them, and be sure that your pals will appreciate it.

Ready to Enjoy Cigars for Your Bachelor’s Party?

Finding the right smokes for your bachelor party can be tricky. Hopefully, our list of the best cigars to celebrate with will fulfill the needs of every cigar smoker at your party. Looking for a wider variety? Browse our collection of unique cigars on and find the perfect stogies for your taste buds!