Top 5 Cigars for Beginner Smokers


Smoking cigars for beginners is undoubtedly overwhelming. Cigar smoking is a 360 experience that combines smell, taste, burn, draw, beverage pairing, and even hand grips. So, where does even one begin? For newcomers who’re still developing a palate for luxury cigars, some assistance during their first steps is always appreciated.

Seeking out good cigars for beginners among thousands of choices is tricky. But just like whiskey and motorcycles, you can’t expect to start smoking the badest cigars right off the bat. Your palate will take time to “mature”, so, in the meantime, you want to avoid lighting full-bodied beasts that’ll have you green in the gills just after a few puffs.

In this article, we’ll take you under our wing to guide you through the best mild cigars. Remember that a lighter cigar is by no means lesser. When starting out, you’ll have a lot on your plate, so it’s best to focus on cigar etiquette and pleasure instead of boasting about something you’re not. Keep it clean and enjoyable, and you’ll be leveling up to new tastes in no time. Let’s dive in!

5 Best Mild Cigars for Beginners

Although taste is subjective, we strongly recommend starting with subtle, mild brews if you’ve never smoked a cigar before. This way, you won’t be wrecking your constitution (or your evening, for that matter). On the other hand, if you enjoy hoppy beers, solid foods, and strong spirits, you might as well enjoy a full-bodied cigar as soon as you try it. But I wouldn’t be taking any risks in your shoes. Instead, here are some excellent alternatives:

1. The Dilly Dilly – Dylan Davis Jockey Collection

This Churchill-shaped, mild-body cigar was inspired by Dylan Davis, one of the best upcoming jockeys in the country. Featuring subtle notes of graham crackers, hay, and roasted peanuts, it provides a smooth and almost creamy finish that’ll make even the dullest of days seem interesting. This comfy cigar will become frequent in your humidors, perfect for everyday smokes or celebratory occasions. You can purchase it for $16,99.

2. Al Iaquinta “SOLD” Collection

Next on our list of smoking cigars for beginners is the Al Iaquinta “SOLD” Collection, a pop of flavor yet chill and calming. A Churchill shape and a medium-body smoke will take you through a flavor journey unlike any other. The subtle notes of Caribean-aged rum and salt will relax your senses with enough hints of spice and pepper to keep you alert. This is a one-in-a-lifetime brew that’ll act as your stepping stone toward full-bodied cigars. You can purchase it for $16,99.

3. Folds of Honor Collection

The Folds of Honor is a cigar I recommend to every new cigar smoker I meet. Its Dominican & Nicaraguan blend brings home medium-bodied flavors rooted in earthy tones. With a smooth flavor profile of coffee, leather, and cedar, it never tastes harsh. Inspired by the American spirit, it honors military personnel’s courage, strength, and sacrifice. Above all, donates $3 of every cigar sold directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation to support the families of fallen or disabled service members. You can purchase it for $18,99.

4. Josh Creel PGA Collection 2nd Edition

The Josh Creel PGA Collection will fit the bill if you’re a beginner looking for the best cigars for the money. It’ll take its patrons on a mellow trip with a subtle profile of walnut, white pepper, honey, and aged rum. This smooth, mild cigar can be smoked while lying flat on the white beach, gazing at the palm trees while the soft wind caresses your face. The Caribean rum will keep you calm, cool, and collected, while the white pepper will keep your mind sharp. The perfect combo! You can purchase it for $15,99.

5. Gurkha – Prize Fighter

Our list of smoking cigars for beginners would not be complete without the Prize Fighter, a mellow to medium-bodied cigar that’s easy to enjoy one after the other. A subtle profile of honey, nuts, and hay and a binder of Ecuadorian and Indonesian leaves create a never-overpowering blend. Inspired by the historic boxing figures of the 1900s, it takes a refreshing all-substance approach. It’ll make for an exquisite smoke from start to finish since it tastes as beautiful as it looks. You can purchase it for $11,99.

Ready to Start Smoking Cigars for Beginners?

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