The Best Father’s Day Cigars

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably on the hunt for a memorable gift to show appreciation to your special guy. For the cigar-aficionado dad, there’s no better present than a personalized cigar gift set to enjoy while golfing or sipping his favorite bourbon.

Most of the time, these superheroes work in the shadows, pulling strings we didn’t even know existed. They work hard to make our lives easier, so the least we can do is make them feel seen and unique. We know the drill! Dads can be hard to shop for. They claim they don’t need anything, yet they always appreciate a personalized gift, especially those that fit their taste.

Luckily for you, we’ve got tons of gifting experience! That’s why in this article, we’ll explore the best cigar gifts for men and present you with a range of styles. After all, not all dads enjoy big and bold cigars. So make sure you browse our wide variety of premium cigars at and have your Father’s Day cigars delivered right to his door.

The Top 7 Father’s Day Cigars:

1. Folds of Honor Collection
If you’re looking for personalized cigar gifts that are more expensive but not out of reach, then The Folds of Honor Collection will fit the bill. In addition, it’ll make a great entry-level luxury cigar gift set for your dad if you genuinely want to impress him. Its Dominican and Nicaraguan blend brings home bold and earthy tones in medium-bodied flavors.

Above all, contributes $3 for every cigar sold from this collection directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation. This way, we honor the legacy of fallen service members who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We bet your dad will love to know how his special gift for Father’s Day helped other families in need.

2. Gurkha – Black Ops Habano Churchill

Does your father already have that “#1 Dad” mug? Then perhaps it’s time to gift him the #1 cigar as well. The Gurkha – Black Ops Habano Churchill delivers flavor and balance with rich, Cuban-esque nuances. This bold recipe is based on aged, Cuban-seed long-fillers grown throughout Nicaragua’s fertile valleys. 

In a profile of coffee, nut, earth, and pepper, it’s delicious to the core and ready to take up permanent residence in your dad’s humidors. A Habano binder secures this blend just before a dark and oily, reddish-hued Ecuador Habano wrapper is applied. It has us drooling!

3. Room 101 x Pospiech – Who Shot Ya?

If your father introduced you to the cigar-smoking world, treat him back with a box of the best Room 101 x Pospiech – Who Shot Ya? This limited edition masterpiece brings you down a mysterious flavor path with a leather, bold, and spicy profile. Full-bodied with notes of oak in a proprietary wrapper, it makes for a perfect puff for all the hours of the day.

Only 500 cigars were made out of this blend. So if your dad is a true cigar collector, he’ll definitely appreciate this unique piece for Father’s Day.

4. FX – Mayans M.C. Gordo

Next on our list of nice cigars for a gift is the medium to full-bodied profile FX – Mayans M.C. Gordo. A skillfully combined mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan binder and filler produces a full profile of earth, wood, chocolate, and pepper. Potent and impressive!

Solid construction and equal burn from start to finish create an experience your palate will crave. This special smoke requires no special occasion to enjoy it. In fact, your dad will probably be proud to have shared his love for cigars with you. Pair it with his favorite whiskey, and you’ll make this Father’s Day unforgettable.

5. Gurkha – Hudson Bay

Dads who like big and bold flavors will love this next Gurkha – Hudson Bay cigar gift set. With hand-selected aged tobaccos for optimum quality and a muscular, leathery wrapper, it provides premium burns. Enjoyable notes of leather, earth, black pepper, and espresso deliver a velvety-smooth flavor that’s absolutely delicious.

We know that Father’s Day can quickly throw you out of budget. But with this deeply discounted cigar, you’ll never have to look back. Mouthwatering and with premium quality, we promise you he’ll give your dad the most hedonistic smoking experience of his life. 

6. The Nutcracker

Did your old man teach you how to wrench on your ride? Then, reward him with a exclusive, the Nutcracker. Specially designed for the cars-and-cigars-obsessed fathers, this bold mix of spicy and sweet will be stuck in his mind. Notes of cedar, pepper, and nougat all make their appearances in a combination for the ages.

The milk-chocolate Nicaraguan wrapper encases a vintage taste, perfect for the mentor of the family. So plan a ball game or a chilly evening by the fire and treat him to a box of the best tobacco recipes in town. Trust us, he’ll be proud to see that you’ve inherited his eagle eye for quality cigars.

7. Jeremy Piven’s Illusione Collection

Our list of personalized cigar gifts would not be complete without Jeremy Piven’s Illusione Collection. If your dad is not so much of a cigar smoker, but you’re still looking for medium strength in an eye-catching display, this is the perfect match. Although Nicaraguan tobaccos produce a spicy profile, this cigar is an exception.

With a blend of flinty creaminess and notes of ginger snap and bitters, it makes for a luxurious and rare piece. It’s easy to smoke and lasts long enough to do a chore or two around the house for busy dads. So if your special guy spends hours perfecting his backyard paradise, perhaps you want to reward his labor with this little masterpiece.

Purchase the Perfect Cigar Gift Set for Father’s Day!

There you have it—the ultimate list of the best Father’s Day cigars. You only get to celebrate your dad once per year, so don’t waste it. Instead, show him how special and loved he is with a thoughtful gift that he’ll surely appreciate. Plan a fun activity to spend time together as he puffs away the stress of the day, and we guarantee you he’ll cherish this moment forever.

At, we’re all about quality and taste at discounted prices. Browse our online marketplace for premium small-batch cigars and spot your desired cigar gift set for Father’s Day. Then, have it shipped to your dad’s door for a sweet surprise!