Famous Female Cigar Smokers


Name the most famous cigar smokers. Got any thoughts? I bet you immediately think of men like Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy, perhaps even Fidel Castro and Al Pacino. But what about women who smoke cigars?

Yeah, sure, cigars are manly. But that doesn’t mean that only men smoke them. In fact, according to a US government study in 2017, about 2% of adult females smoke cigars. You might think that women only smoke mild cigars, but I can assure you that that’s not the case. Once they get the hang of it, they move to fuller-bodied cigars.

Given that women have a more nuanced sense of smell than men, it’s no surprise that there are many female cigar aficionados. In this article, we’ll explore famous cigar smokers among women who stood out for their style and independence. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Marlene Dietrich
First on our list is a cigar-smoking icon. Marlene Dietrich was a German-born actress and chanteuse who constantly challenged female stereotypes. She used to wear men’s clothes and smoke both cigars and cigarettes. In fact, she appears smoking a cigar in the film ‘Touch of Evil’. She remains one of the poster girls who still represent cigars to this day.

She was smoking cigars even before she moved to the US. She later became a sex symbol and one of the most well-paid actresses in Hollywood from the 1910s to the 1980s. The megastar was known to flavor more full-bodied Cuban cigars and quoted, “cigarette is a neurosis, cigar is a friend.” Check out our Cubano, a Sigars.com exclusive, to get a taste of what Marlene tasted.

2. Demi Moore
Demi Moore kicked off her career with minor roles in films and soap operas before establishing herself as one of the highest-paying actresses in Hollywood. Today she’s known for films such as Disclosure, Indecent Proposal, Ghost, and A Few Good Men. Moore took her name from her first husband, Freddy Moore, and is a mother to 3 daughters.

She’s a famous female cigar smoker and loves small cigars such as the Montecristo Joyita. For a marvelous little cigar when the time is short, try My Uzi Weighs a Ton with a tangy and fruity taste that’s not easy to find in small cigars. Moore also enjoyed large cigars such as Cohiba No. 2 or Montecristo No. 2 with nutty and spicy flavors. Check our Black Ops Habano Churchill for a bold coffee, nut, earth, and pepper recipe.

3. Dita Von Teese
The burlesque icon who’s credited for making striptease classy is also a famous female cigar smoker. Dita Von Teese is considered one of the most beautiful modern sex symbols and is often seen wrapping her scarlet-painted lips around fat Cuban cigars making perfect smoke rings. Renowned for bringing back retro glamor with a modern twist, it’s no surprise that she made cigars her favorite accessory.

Miss Von Teese is considered a powerful woman that retains her grace and femininity. So, in her case, cigar-smoking scores a hit amongst celebrity women. For the premium, Von Teese cigar experience, try an elegant Hogfish with hints of spice and walnut. The smooth, creamy nougat finish makes for a sexy aftertaste that will satisfy your palate.

4. Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg is hard to pigeonhole since she’s famous for so many things. Nominated for an Oscar, renowned for her stand-up routines, and also known as a tv show host, there’s not much she hasn’t explored. The comedian, actress, and cohost is also a famous female cigar smoker. Of course, it’s also hard to classify her regarding cigars.

While she enjoys small cigars, she’s also known to light up a big Cohiba from time to time. She keeps a large humidor at home and loves storing her bundles of goodness. Her favorite way to prepare cigars is to punch a hole in the head instead of using a cutter. For a closer look at her favorite tastes, try the Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 Toro. The groovy cedar and red pepper notes and the overall toasty savoriness will make you feel comfortable in no time. 

5. Madonna
The famous singer is also one of the most famous cigar smokers. In 1994 she appeared on the Letterman show and enjoyed a cigar live. The star holds a tough but luxurious image. She’s been photographed multiple times showing her fondness for cigars, which certainly fits her flashy diva personality.

She’s always down for a good Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No. 4 Anejados with strong spicy cedar and leather flavors. I bet you’d love our Folds of Honor Collection which give the same Madonna vibes with a coffee, leather, and cedar profile wrapped in a Dominican and Nicaraguan wrapper. Yammy!

6. George Sand
Our list of famous cigar smokers would not be complete without French novelist, memoirist, and journalist George Sand. Her real name was Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, and she was a cigar smoker from a bygone time. Classified as a “cigar-toting sexual outlaw,” we’d say she’s already part of our passionate collection of female cigar enthusiasts (we love a good breakage of barriers).

Sand was also reportedly bisexual, adding the cherry on top of her reputation. She had a cigar club named after her and used to hold cigar dinners in Southern California. She famously quoted, “the cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.” So poetic! Sometimes, she would dress as a man to avoid having to play quietly and be submissive. 

We’d bet she’d love a Nutcracker, which encases vintage taste with pronounced cedar, pepper, and nougat notes.

Famous Female Cigar Smokers and Today’s Culture
Our list of famous female cigar smokers is just a glimpse of strong, stylish women who put their unique stamp of class and flavor. In today’s cigar-smoking culture, a new generation of female artisans has started taking over the cigar scene, ready to give us international sensations. In addition, cigar brands have also begun targeting female audiences, knowing that women enjoy full-bodied cigars like men.

Although female smokers have not yet won the cigar-smoking battle, it’s only a matter of time before they come forward. At Sigars.com, we’re all about luxury premium cigars for all tastes and sexes. We adore cigar enthusiasts who share the same passion as us and strive to share the cigar-smoking love. Explore our vast collection today and have your cigars delivered right to your doorstep.