Famous Cigar Pairings from Celebrities

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Cigars have long been associated with the rich and famous, conjuring images of smoke-filled rooms where deals are made and power is brokered. From Winston Churchill to John F. Kennedy to Arnold Schwarzenegger, many celebrities and public figures have been known to enjoy a fine Cuban now and then.

In recent years, as cigars have increased in popularity, many stars have become aficionados – with their brands, favorite pairings, and even custom humidors. Cigars offer celebrities a luxurious escape – a chance to slow down, relax with friends, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. And what better way to enhance the experience than by pairing it with a quality drink?

Let’s take a look at how some prominent celebrity cigar smokers like to complement their stogies:

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Cognac and Davidoff

The Austrian Oak himself is well-known for his love of both cigars and cognac. His cigar brand of choice? Davidoff – specifically the Grand Cru or Winston Churchill lines. To accompany the rich, nuanced flavors, Schwarzenegger reportedly likes to sip on a quality XO (extra old) cognac like Remy Martin Louis XIII or Hennessy Paradis. The subtle sweetness and oak notes of the cognac complement the cocoa and cedar flavors beautifully. It’s a power pairing for this strength-loving action superstar turned politician.

Michael Jordan – Tequila and Macanudo Cigars

His Airness established his cigar bona fides long ago. Whether celebrating an NBA championship or golfing with friends, a cigar is rarely far from Jordan’s hand. His go-to is usually a Macanudo – mild enough to smoke anytime while still offering plenty of smooth, mellow flavor. And what better way to further unwind than with top-shelf tequila? Jordan has been spotted sipping Casamigos Blanco or an Añejo from his own Cincoro Tequila line while enveloped in clouds of Macanudo smoke. The citrus and peppery kick enhance the experience perfectly.  

Mark Wahlberg – Bourbon and Wahlburgers Edition Cigars

Wahlberg has several business ventures, including Wahlburger restaurants and his cigar line made under Camacho Cigars’ name. So he should opt for a full pairing profile from his brands. He’s on record as preferring Wahlburgers Edition cigars – made with hearty Nicaraguan long-fillers and Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrappers. This darker, richer profile stands up well to the sweet flavors of his own Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon. After all, Wahlberg himself says the best way to enjoy one of his stogies is with an “adult beverage” in hand. And for the actor/entrepreneur, he’ll gladly toast with his whiskey.

Sylvester Stallone – Wine and Arturo Fuente

While Sly will always be associated with big cigars like Expendables-branded smokes, his favorite is the smaller Chateau Fuente cigarillo. He enjoys the ease and convenience – perfect for catching a quick break while filming or reading scripts. And rather than strong liquor, Stallone likes pairing his cigars with fine wines. His exact preferences are wide-ranging (like Barolo, Amarone, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo) but he seems to most enjoy bold, complex reds. The flavors intermingle beautifully with the aged wrappers and fuller body of the Chateau Fuente. A touch of sweetness mellows the strength for an all-around sublime union.

Sylvestor Sallone smoking a cigar

Arnold Palmer – Johnnie Walker and Gurkha Cigars

The legendary golfer forged perhaps the ultimate drink + smoke pairing. The “Arnold Palmer” cocktail remains a country club staple to this day – the refreshing mix of iced tea and lemonade quenching thirsts in style. As for cigars, Palmer had a decades-long friendship with Kaizad Hansotia of Gurkha Cigars. He long enjoyed smoking Gurkha’s milder Connecticut-wrapped beauties with his drink of choice – Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch. The peaty whisky’s touches of honey and sherry interplay nicely with mellower cigars. And few were classier enjoying cigars and scotch than the King himself.

Ghostface Killah – Champagne and Cohiba

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper revealed himself as quite the epicurean on his VH1 “Martha Stewart-esque” lifestyle show “The World According to Pretty Toney”. Ghostface has exquisite taste – expressed through fine Cuban cigars, tailored suits, gourmet meals, and vintage bottles. His preferred pairing? A flute of crisp, chilled champagne (like Moet or Dom Perignon) with a Cohiba Robusto. He calls it “living like Tony Starks” – his wealthy alter-ego. The oak and berry notes enhance the Cohiba’s creamy, leathery flavors beautifully. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more stylish cigar + bubbles combo.

So there you have it – a range of delightful pairings from major celebrities who enjoy the leaf now and then. From fine wines to rare bourbons and cognacs – there are tons of options to complement a quality smoke. And when the biggest names around Hollywood invest so heavily in their cigar game, you know it’s both an escape and passion.

So light ‘em up and drink up…that is, only in locations where it’s legal! After all, we can’t all retreat to private mansions or luxury vacation villas. But we can still emulate some pairings our favorite stars enjoy.

5 Top Celebrity Humidors & Cigar Rooms

For serious aficionados, cigars require proper storage conditions to keep them fresh. This means cedar-lined cabinets called humidors along with moisturizing devices that regulate humidity. And you can bet celebrities with money to burn to create some spectacular cigar lounges outfitted with custom, high-end humidors.

Let’s check out humidors from a few famous stogie lovers:

Michael Jordan’s Grand Humidor Room

His Airness converted a stone wine cellar at his Jupiter, FL residence into a grand, opulent cigar paradise. Collecting Premium smokes is nearly as big a passion for Jordan as basketball. Rows of top-of-the-line Diamond Crown humidors imported from Germany hold thousands of rare smokes worth over $5 million total! Jordan worked with Daniel Marshall, known for making lavish humidors for stars, to design cabinetry and displays. This includes Jordan logos, jersey numbers, championship trophies on shelves…the works. It’s perfect for Jordan to entertain fellow sports and Hollywood elites who stop by.

Jack Nicholson’s Beverly Hills Hideaway

Jack Nicholson always did things differently – and his legendary Mulholland Drive mansion reflects that. The eccentric actor converted his dining room into a temperature & humidity-controlled paradise stocked with Cuban cigars and rare art pieces. Nicholson reportedly installed bulletproof windows and kept the room off-limits to all but inner-circle guests. There, Nicholson would hold court – drinking fine Scotch or teas and philosophizing about art and life. It was the consummate relaxing hideout for a consummate Hollywood insider.

Jack-Nicholson smoking cigar

Demi Moore’s Humidor & Cigar Lounge

While married to Bruce Willis, Demi Moore learned to appreciate quality cigars. Following their divorce, she kept many accouterments they once enjoyed together – including a 300+ capacity humidor he gifted her. Located adjacent to her home theater, Moore decorated the space with unique furnishings like antique birdcages converted into freestanding humidors. Chic black color schemes, leather sofas, a well-stocked bar…it was undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s hottest cigar lounges during the 1990s. Friends like Madonna, Sharon Stone, and Sylvester Stallone could find comfort there when visiting Moore’s Beverly Hills estate.

Rush Limbaugh’s “El Rushbo” Room

Few were more outspoken about their cigar passion than conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. So it’s only fitting his Florida mansion included an entire room devoted solely to cigar smoking and storage. Ashtrays and cutters were ubiquitous here – and climate systems with industrial humidifiers kept conditions optimal for his immense collection. Limbaugh would broadcast his radio show surrounded by boxes of coveted OpusX’s, Padron Anniversary cigars, and more…upwards of $200,000 worth! Close friends and associates could listen in and share conversations. It was the quintessential cigar sanctuary for “El Rushbo”.

Shaquille O’Neal’s 15×20 Walk-In Humidor

 The NBA Hall of Famer’s Orlando mansion contained one of the largest personal humidors ever – a whopping 300 square feet! Shaq’s love of cigars is well known – he’s worked with Davidoff and Padron on custom blends and appearances. So storing his immense collection required a space comparable to a small apartment. Spanish cedar paneling housed boxes galore of Davidoff Grand Cru’s, OpusX’s, and Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve (which goes for $750 per cigar!). One can only imagine the cigar-fueled nights of fun and repose enjoyed here with Shaq’s inner circle over the years. Even big stars need big relaxation, after all.

Pairing it Up – Experts Recommend Top Cigar & Drink Combos

Okay, so we know Hollywood loves a good stogie. But cigar culture extends far beyond celebrities to all walks of life. And matching fine drinks with premium hand-rolled cigars has essentially become an art form. Connoisseurs speak reverently about flavor profiles, nuance, and the sublime balance between tobacco and libations.

For the best pairings, it often comes down to a simple formula…

  • Milder-Bodied Cigars = Lighter Drinks (sparkling wines, light cocktails, pale ales)
  • Medium-Bodied Cigars = Medium-Bodied Drinks (red wines, dark beers, aged rum/whiskies)  
  • Full-Bodied Cigars = Full-Bodied Drinks (syrah, bourbon, robust red wine, stout beers)

Beyond that, only your imagination limits possibilities. So let’s look at 8 top-shelf combinations any cigar enthusiast would love:

1) Ashton VSG + Port

Ashton’s Dominican puro offers a filling richness perfect for pairing. The tawny sweetness of vintage port (like Dow’s or Graham’s) enhances Ashton’s faint cocoa notes beautifully. Fruity complexity also balances the full body for a truly opulent experience.

2) My Father Le Bijou 1922 + Craft Beer (Stout or Porter)  

Beer creates some amazing pairings, cutting richness with subtle bitterness. And Nicaraguan full-bodied My Fathers love bold brews like Russian Imperial Stouts or robust Porters which share creamy, faintly sweet elements. We suggest Founders KBS or Victory Storm King to complement the cigar’s strong kick.

3) Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 + Single Malt Scotch

Few pairings reach rarified air like Davidoff’s flawless Dominican flagship and 20-year-aged Scotch. We suggest Glenlivet or Macallan – whose fruit and oak notes tango divinely with Davidoff’s smooth nuttiness. Every puff and sip harmonizes for a phenomenal experience. Discerning gentlemen everywhere approve!

4) Liga Privada No. 9 + Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Dr Pepper notes in Drew Estate’s famous No. 9 connect perfectly with caramel-rich bourbons like Woodford Reserve or Blanton’s Original. The proof cuts Liga’s body beautifully while toasted vanilla oak flavors harmonize. And few images seem more “old school gentleman” than a full-flavored cigar and glass of straight bourbon enjoying each other’s company.

5) Padron 1964 Anniversary + Napa Cabernet

Padron’s meticulously crafted Nicaraguan smoke deserves a world-class partner. And progressively richer Napa Cabs (like Orin Swift’s 8 Years In The Desert) accent Padron’s cocoa notes divine while smoothing any harshness. Tannins also clear the palate between puffs during this highly “cultured” pairing.

6) Romeo y Julieta Reserve + Amaretto

Not every pairing has to be high-proof and expensive! Sometimes lighter, sweeter libations pair amazingly with fuller smokes too. Try sipping Disaronno or Veroni amaretto liqueurs with the silky, complex Reserve. Vanilla and almond notes dance with Romeo’s core tobaccos for a friendly, soothing combo.

7) Ashton Aged Maduro + Black Coffee

Can’t do liquor while working or driving? Try rich, black coffee – which enhances most fuller-bodied smokes. Beans from Colombian or Sumatra dark roasts match Ashton’s enveloping sweet woodiness particularly well. Zesty espresso works too – a perfect afternoon pick-me-up with your stogie of choice.  

8) My Father El Centurion + Root beer (craft)

Here’s another tasty smoke + non-alcoholic drink option…artisan root beer from Berkeley & Roots, Doc’s Drafts, or Blue Sky. Their vanilla and wintergreen notes overlay so divinely with My Father’s core earthiness. The effervescence also cleanses the palate wonderfully. It’s 38 delicious ounces of craft rooty goodness!

Have some other amazing pairings? Tell us about them! Half the fun of cigars lies in the pairings…so we encourage all aficionados to get creative with their beverage selections. After all, no single “right” combination exists – you like what YOU like. That’s the beauty of cigars paired with fine libations.