Cigars Vs. Cigarettes: Pros & Cons


The debate between cigars and cigarettes never gets old. Jumping into this discussion is entering a healthcare dispute between those who believe that cigars are a classy and less harmful alternative to smoking and those who see it as the tobacco industry’s clever tactic to get the young generation addicted to nicotine.

So, where is the truth? Is smoking cigars just as toxic as cigarettes? Are there any benefits of cigar smoking, or is it merely a classic elite thing? Well, if you’re looking for answers, look no further. In this article, we will discuss why cigars have become an obsession, a hype, and a perfect celebratory expression. So, let’s dive in! 

5 key differences when comparing Cigars vs. cigarettes.

Cigars Vs. Cigarettes- The Key Differences

Apart from the obvious contrast in size and thickness, many differences make cigars more desirable. For some, it’s the savory-tasting notes, while for others, it’s the cigar vibes that make the difference. Here are some major differences between smoking cigars and cigarettes:

1- Smoking Frequency and Trends 

Thanks to smoking habits and trends, cigar smokers are comparatively less exposed to carcinogens and toxicants than cigarette smokers. For instance:

  • Cigar Smokers: Almost 75% of cigar smokers never inhale while the rest do it occasionally. Moreover, smoking one cigar a week is usually enough in most cases. 
  • Cigarette Smokers: Cigarette smokers usually inhale smoke that is secretly killing their health. Furthermore, a cigarette smoker smokes many times a day (in some cases up to 30). 

Aside from nicotine, the inhaled smoke contains up to 7000 other chemicals that can wreak havoc on your health. That’s the main reason smoking cigars has a lesser disease prevalence than smoking cigarettes. 

2- Tobacco and Nicotine content 

1 large cigar contains almost half-ounce of tobacco – the same amount present in an entire pack of cigarettes. Furthermore, a single cigar has 100-200 milligrams of nicotine – almost 12-24x a cigarette. This extra nicotine is the reason why smoking one cigar a week satisfies your nicotine cravings. 

The difference in the consumption of these compounds also adds to the benefits of cigar smoking. The cigar smoke lingers in the mouth while the cigarette smoke is inhaled into the lungs. As soon as cigarette smoke reaches the lungs, the nicotine diffuses into the bloodstream. So, ultimately, cigar smokers inhale less smoke, thereby protecting themselves from the cancer risk. 

3- Health Risks

Occasional cigar smoking puts you at a much lower risk of lung or throat cancer than cigarette smoking. However, it should be clear that the chances of mouth and lip cancer are higher in cigar smokers due to direct contact with tobacco. 

A 2021 publication in the Harm Reduction Journal shows that occasional cigar smoking had no statistically significant risk of heart diseases, cancers, cerebrovascular disorders, or erectile dysfunctions. On the other hand, the risk and mortality rates are shockingly high in cigarette smokers and dual users who inhale the smoke frequently. 

4- Puff Vs. Inhale – The Great Inhaling Debate

For the last 50 years, the American Cancer Society has been emphasizing one disease, i.e., Lung Cancer. The root cause of this deadly disease is the dominant lifestyle – cigarette smoking. Moreover, premium cigars have no additives to “mellow” the smoke, so you don’t inhale them like cigarettes. Nonetheless, the ultimate way to enjoy your cigar is to relish each puff rather than take long drags. 

Thankfully, occasional cigar smoking minimizes this systemic exposure to toxic components, limiting lung cancer risk. But, it’s important to mention that secondhand smoke from cigars has the same toxicants as cigarette smoke. 

5- Cigars vs. Cigarettes- Cultural Differences

More than 50 million people in the USA light up a cigarette or cigar every day. Of the 6% of Americans who identify as the “Elite,” 5.2% smoke cigars. The estimate is powerful enough to highlight the importance of cigars in the rich and high society. People generally regard cigars as the symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. Cigar smoking, especially in private meetings and official dinners, is synonymous with power and masculinity.

On the contrary, cigarette smoking is frowned upon and considered a bad impact. That’s the main reason why society focuses on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking rather than cigar smoking. The pop of flavors and the nice kick of tasting notes also add to the benefits of cigar smoking. 

Embark on Your Cigar Journey

So, there you go. Next time someone starts the discussion “Cigars Vs. Cigarettes”, you will be all set to participate fully. Having quality cigar time with your friends will take you through a flavorful journey full of aromas and sweet memories.

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