Best Wine and Cigar Pairings


What wine goes well with cigars? Now that’s a million-dollar question. Of course, when most people think about pairing cigars with alcohol, spirits like whisky, beer, and rum are the first to pop into their minds. But those aren’t the only luxury options for savoring your favorite stogies. On the contrary, different wine varieties could make stellar companions for your premium burns.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Both wines and cigars have similar ways of creation, aging, and processing. They’re both luxury collectibles and come in different styles, flavors, and textures. This means that there are endless combinations of the two for connoisseurs to explore. Naturally, some wines pair exceptionally well with certain types of cigars.

And although individual preferences may vary, it helps to have a roadmap on your journey to the best wine and cigar pairings. To help you out, we bring you 5 must-have combinations for aficionados and casual sippers alike. However, a word of warning. Make sure your cigars are not cheap and low-quality but premium and rich. Otherwise, you’ll end up ruining this savory experience. Browse to spot your favorite stogies, and let’s dive in!

5 Best Wine and Cigar Pairings

When exploring what wine goes well with cigars, the general rule of thumb is that stronger wines get paired with stronger cigars, and lighter wines go with milder smokes. Wines are usually split into three distinct categories; white wines, red wines, and rose wines. On the other hand, cigars can be separated depending on their fullness, blend, and wrapper.

Strong, rich red wines usually go well with bold, full-bodied cigars. That’s because the alcohol content and mouth-coating properties of the wine get balanced by the tobacco’s strength. On the other hand, white wines are complemented by lighter, medium-bodied cigars with silky and creamy tones. Now that we understand the pairing mindset let’s explore some popular combinations:

1. Pink champagne and Espinosa – Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 Toro

One reason we love champagne and cigar pairings so much is the bubbles. Fizzy drinks have palate-cleansing abilities, so your mouth feels refreshed with every sip. This can be particularly useful when smoking cigars, as it helps bring out the flavors with every draw. As a result, you can enjoy the complexities of your smoke till it burns out.

Additionally, champagne is lower in alcohol compared to other beverages like whisky; therefore, it doesn’t mask the cigar aromas and allows for a premium experience. We love pairing some pink champagne with Espinosa – Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 Toro. The cedar, red pepper, and nutmeg profile make for an exclusive cigar with groovy notes and a toasty savoriness. Pairing these two will offer you a sense of luxury and sophistication, perfect for celebrating special occasions like New Year’s.

2. White Wine and the First Responder – Folds of Honor Collection

White wine is an elegant and delicate drink. Although it’s rarely paired with cigars, there’s room for plenty of combinations. This fresh-tasting luxury usually goes well with milder cigars to ensure that flavors don’t overpower each other. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the subtleties of both without losing their complexity and delicacy.

For example, you can pair a buttery Chardonnay or an oaky Sauvignon Blanc with the First Responder – Folds of Honor Collection. This exclusive Dominican & Nicaraguan cigar features a profile of oak, coffee, and white pepper. Its luscious and light portrait perfectly compliments the soft, delicate wine flavors, creating a heavenly cigar and white wine pairing.


3. Red Wine and the Cubano

When it comes to cigar and red wine pairings, the possibilities are endless. Cigar aficionados particularly love red wine because of its aromatic properties and rich nature. Additionally, it usually has slightly bitter notes, which goes perfectly with the cigar’s smokiness. A classic deep red wine goes well with medium to full-bodied cigars so that the aromas don’t compete but complement each other.

For example, you can pair Chianti wines produced in Tuscany with The Cubano, a exclusive. With a smokey pepper, rum, and vanilla profile and delicious hints of smoked meat and spice, this cigar will keep you on your toes. Always ensure to serve your red wine at room temperature accompanied by a glass of water to keep your palate hydrated and never miss any flavor.

4. Rose Wine and the Al Iaquinta “SOLD” Collection 

Moving on with our list of the best wine pairing with cigars, rose wine is a classic. Refreshing, summery, and fruity, this is a delicate option that combines the traits of both white and red wines. Usually enriched with the aromas of grapefruit, raspberries, or strawberries, it can be combined with a multitude of cigars. However, medium-bodied cigars are the ones preferred.

Due to rose wine’s versatility, it can even be paired with spicy cigars. That’s why we love to drink it with the Al Iaquinta “SOLD” Collection featuring a profile of Caribbean-aged rum, salt, pepper, and a touch of spice. This chilling medium-bodied smoke will take you through a calming flavor journey you’ll adore. This is cigar-wine supremacy right there!

5. Dessert Wine and NFT X Swampverse Collection

Our list of the best wine and cigar pairings would not be complete without dessert wines. Dessert wines have a high alcohol content and a significant amount of sugar, making them ideal for cigar pairings. Naturally, there are dry, fortified, light, or full-bodied dessert wines, so the final combinations depend on each wine’s properties. As a general rule of thumb, they go well with sweet and spicy cigars with fruity notes.

For example, the NFT x Swampverse Collection is one of our top picks since it combines sweet notes of moss and orange zest with a nice kick of cinnamon to spice things up. Smoking feels like being in nature. Add that delicate vino sweetness of the dessert wine to the mix, and embark on a journey of flavors and aromas.

Get Your Wine and Cigar Pairings Ready!

The perfect marriage of grapes and tobacco is about taste, tradition, and quality. Although there are no hard and fast rules, following some guidelines to get the perfect love story is always a good idea. Hopefully, our guide will be your stepping stone to finding the best wine pairing with cigars to enjoy the weekends. For premium luxury small-batch cigars, visit and order your favorites from the comfort of your home. So grab your corkscrew and your lighter, and let’s get down to business!