Best Snacks to Eat With Cigars in 2024


Some prefer cigars with whisky, others with beer, and some look for delicious snacks to eat with cigars. Although the idea of food and cigar pairings has been controversial among cigar aficionados, we think it’s an experience that everyone should try at least once.

Those who have engaged in puffing while dining will tell you that it’s a whole other sensation that will take your palette to new heights. Of course, mastering the art of food that goes with cigars is not a walk in the park. But I bet you, the results are rewarding.

Strictly speaking, there are no rules when pairing snacks with cigars. As long as it pleases your palate, we’re all for it. However, to give you a hand, we’ve rounded our top suggestions that’ll assist you in spotting ideal combinations. Just a little advice, don’t go for cheap, low-quality cigars. Always look for elite ones like the ones at

Top 6 Snacks to Eat With Cigars

When pairing food with cigars, the idea is to bring out the best in both and balance the flavors. To achieve that, you need to harmonize the dish and cigar characteristics. So as you wouldn’t normally eat chocolate with lettuce, you don’t want to ruin the flavors with the wrong pairings.

Some cigars have powerful aromas that tend to linger on your palate for hours. So we want to pair those smokey tones with complementary tastes. Remember when starting your partnering adventure to take baby steps. Otherwise, you might find it intimidating and end up disrupting the entire process.

1. Barbeque

Barbequed meat and cigars are a match made in heaven! These meats are usually heavy-sauced and taste thick, garlicky, tangy, and salty. Therefore, the type of cigar you select must be heftier, full-bodied, and preferably spicy. In other words, it must be suitable for cutting through the already intense flavors of your meat. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed with sensations and won’t be able to enjoy any of them.

For example, The Hogfish, a exclusive, is a premium bold blend that packs a major punch with hints of spice and walnut. Leaving a creamy nougat finish on the tongue makes the entirety of the experience as elite as possible. Enjoy it at your summer BBQ with friends, and I promise it’ll be a conversation starter!

2. Seafood

Let’s look at some more ideas of what to pair a cigar with. Seafood is a delicate cuisine, and although tasteful, it’s not too hard on the stomach. This signifies that the cigars you pair with it should be similar. Avoid a full-bodied cigar that could ruin the taste of your sensitive fish, and opt for light, medium-bodied ones that blend with the taste.

Similar to pairing white wine with seafood, your goal is smoothness. Some seafood we highly recommend for this category are prawns, crayfish, salmon fillets, and mussels. Correspondently, the Gurkha – Prize Fighter is an ideal mellow to medium-bodied cigar that’ll perfectly complement your tastes. Its honey, nutty, and hay profile will match the natural sweetness of your dishes and leave you asking for more.

3. Tacos

Oh, dear! Tacos are always a go-to combination if you’re looking for snacks to eat with cigars. Tacos can be done in various ways, either with meat or fish, and they always combine fresh ingredients with a touch of spiciness. We particularly enjoy those with fresh lime juice, cilantro, and salsa.

Tacos’ complexity of flavors requires an equally complex cigar with spicy tones, and “The Hayley” Perla embodies just that. This is an epic, smooth, and fun 50-minute cigar with cedar and hickory flavors, as well as a touch of hay. Its light spice perfectly complements the tacos’ aromas and will make a combination for the ages.

4. Pasta

Italian cuisine, especially pasta, is always a standard when discussing food that goes with cigars. The pasta flavors can range anywhere from sweet to earthly to spicy, depending on the recipe. But generally speaking, pasta is a medium-ranged food with few extremities. That’s why it should be paired with medium-bodied cigars for balanced nuances.

Of course, depending on your dominant flavors, there are also variations. For example, cheese-based pasta goes well with sweet cigars like the Josh Creel PGA Collection 2nd Edition. With a honey, walnut, white pepper, and rum profile, it takes its patrons on a mellow trip. On the other hand, pasta with spicier tones goes well with leathery cigars, such as the Gurkha – Hudson Bay. With a pepper, leather, and espresso profile, it’ll offer lovely, densely packed burns.

5. Premium Steak

Ah, who doesn’t love a slowly grilled premium steak served with rich and creamy potatoes? Steaks and cigars go together like hand in glove. But to balance the meaty flavor, which usually comes with lots of seasoning, you’ll need bold, full-bodied cigars.

If you’re choosing premium quality steak, you might as well pair it with top-notch cigars. You don’t want to spoil the intricacy of flavors with a poor partner. And we’ve got just the right candidate for that; the Ezra Zion – FRIED CHICKEN Secret Recipe. This cigar masterpiece has such richness and complexity of flavors that makes us weak. With a profile of heavy whipping cream, cardamom, spice, and buttercream, it’s certainly one of the most phenomenal tobaccos that’ll perfectly match your steaks.

6. Chocolate

Our list of the best snacks to eat with cigars would not be complete without the dessert category. If you’re wondering what to eat after smoking a cigar, after-dinner treats are always an idea. Chocolate and cigars taste as attractive as they sound. In addition, many cigars have a rich and nutty smokiness that makes them stellar companions for sweet indulges.

For the best chocolate and cigar pairings, opt for bolder smokes such as the luxurious Ezra Zion – Sweep The Leg (Karate Kid Cobra Kai). Bourbon whiskey, black tea, maple, honey, & Jalapeño pepper. Holy smokes! This cigar’s flavor complexity, richness, and deliciousness will make you comfortable in no time. And if you want to take it up a notch, this is a prime opportunity to go for that epic trilogy — whisky, chocolate, and cigar. Wow!

Food That Goes With Cigars: The Final Verdict

When it comes to pairing food with cigars, remember that these rules are not written in stone. It all comes down to personal preference, so, in the end, you’ll be the final judge. Some cigar connoisseurs simply can’t imagine savoring and smoking at the same time.
Others are convinced that introducing cigars to their meals will improve both the smoking and the eating experience. Whatever the case, it doesn’t harm to try new things. Hopefully, our article will inspire you to explore more snacks to eat with cigars. Browse Sigars‘ premium cigar collection and order your exclusive stogies today!