6 Most Iconic Places to Smoke a Cigar


If you’re like us, always looking for where to smoke cigars outside, you’re in for a treat. As cigarophiles, we’re always down for new experiences accompanied by our favorite stogies. And although nothing beats a classic picturesque setting, more and more cigar aficionados turn to fuller experiences for their favorite pastime.

The “where” and “when” has been the topic of much debate in the smoking community. Add the cigar restrictions to the mix, and you might as well start feeling confined in your puffing options. But don’t fret. When it comes to iconic places to enjoy your smoke, we’re all about spoiling. From smoking a cigar on a walk to inhaling a deluxe stick on a cruise, we’ve rounded our top suggestions to get you going.

However, we’re firm believers that the setting is only a portion of a luxurious cigar experience. You first need the right smoke to set the base. So before jumping on the best place to smoke a cigar near me, get your favorite stogies at Sigars.com. Stock your humidors with exclusive premium sticks, and let your puffing journey begin!

Best Place to Smoke a Cigar Near Me

1. In Cigar Lounges

Cigar lounges are popular among cigar aficionados. That’s because they provide the perfect environment for smokers to unwind and relax with fellow patrons. Additionally, they’re all-inclusive, offering a wide range of cigars to choose from. Moreover, accessories like cutters and lighters, as well as food and drinks, are also provided.

If you’re into smoking cigars at public locations, then this option is for you. Cigar lounges offer socializing potential and are excellent meeting points for people sharing the same passions. This is your chance to enjoy interesting conversations with fellow smokers and learn new things about your favorite pastime. However, keep in mind that the air might be filled with different smokes, making it tricky to focus on your own stick.

2. In a Hot Tub or a Jacuzzi

Picture this. You’re submerged in soapy water with a television remote in one hand and a Sigars stogie in the other, experiencing the ultimate luxury and living your best life. Isn’t that a sight? I get it. You might not have everyday access to a jacuzzi, but I highly recommend seeking one if you can.

Consider taking a weekend break to a log cabin equipped with a hot tub. Of course, I’d pack my most premium stogies and lighter, ready to warm me up into the bubbly water. For example, the “The Hayley” Perla exclusive will offer a smooth and fun 50-minute smoke, perfect for soaking in the hot tub. What more to ask?

3. At a Wedding or Bachelor’s Party

Celebrations are, well, time to celebrate. So what better place to light your favorite sticks other than your friends’ special day? This is not just about smoking, but bonding too. Everyone’s happy, and there’s nothing like a premium cigar to make the memories last. In fact, we highly recommend picking up a new stogie that you’ve never smoked before.

This way, you’ll remember those special moments whenever you light them again in the future. For example, you can try The Hogfish with a robust profile of walnut, creamy nougat, and savory spice. This masculine and deeply discounted bundle of joy will perfectly accompany a bachelor’s party on a boat or a summer BBQ.

4. During Poker Games

Yes, cigar bars and lounges are awesome, but smoking at the round table of a poker game is a next-level experience. Made popular through films and television, poker night is a sacred moment for cigar enthusiasts. That’s because it accompanies action with delicious flavors. But why the affinity with poker and cigars?

Well, for most players, it’s the epitome of relaxation since it allows them to do two of their favorite things at once. Plus, a well-rolled stick allows them to focus on something else besides the game. Others believe that smoking a cigar adds a level of intimidation for their opponents. Finally, some use cigars as a way to hide their body language, which might give away their next move.

Whatever the case, lighting a cigar during a poker game is an excellent opportunity to bond with your fellow players. So we highly recommend picking a cigar like The Dilly Dilly – Dylan Davis Jockey Collection for long relaxing smokes of roasted peanut, graham cracker, and hay.

5. On the Golf Course

Cigars and golf go together like hand in glove. Golf is a social sport played with friends and clients, so lighting a cigar or two can help with the overall bonding. I mean, what better way to enjoy your weekend other than being outside in sunny weather, enjoying a good smoke on the field?

Naturally, you’ll want to smoke something smooth and easy-going. So make sure to leave the short and thin cigars at home since they burn fast and are difficult to keep. Instead, opt for larger sticks that last a while, such as Jordan Adler’s “Beach Money” Cigar. This creamy smoke with a cashew, honeycomb, and salt profile is ideal for making a good impression on your fellow players.

6. In Your Backyard

It’s not much, but it’s honest work. And at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. You just can’t beat the feeling of being a homeowner, smoking your favorite sticks, and gazing at your own backyard view. Plus, this is your familiar environment where you can be your authentic self. This is where you can hold all your accessories and reach out for them anytime.

So grab your most comfortable armchair, get your sticks at hand, and relax while puffing away the day. For those precious self-care moments, we recommend grabbing The Nutcracker, a Sigars.com exclusive, which will give you that sweet feeling of nostalgia. With a subtle profile of cedar, pepper, nougat, and sweet spice, it’ll be irresistible.

Get Your Cigars Ready!

We often talk about our favorite stogies, but we rarely discuss the best place to smoke a cigar near me. While a quality cigar is a great way to unwind and relax, it’s only a portion of a great smoking experience. Hopefully, our guide will give you several ideas on where to smoke cigars outside to take your puffing a step further. Simply choose your flavors, grab your sticks from Sigars.com, and start your weekend on the right foot.