5 Qualities to Look for When Buying Cigars


Whether you’re a cigar fanatic or an occasional cigar smoker, here’s a million-dollar question: “How to tell a good quality cigar?”. 

You might be one of those who spark up a cigar only to mark celebratory milestones; therefore, you’re far from an expert. Or, you may be a senior tobacconist who often asks, “What cigar should I smoke?”. In any case, we want to help you transform your huffing, and puffing experience by picking good quality cigars based on shape, size, body, taste, and composition. So sit back, light up your bundle of joy, and let us guide you to the cigar world.

Does Size Really Matter When Buying Cigars?

Over the last years, there’s been a growing trend of opting for cigars with a bigger diameter – also known as ring gauge. Larger diameters are perceived as value for money (more pleasure for fewer bucks). 

Another reason for their popularity is that the bigger the ring gauge, the cooler the smoke, ensuring a prolonged experience. Cigar smoking is not a race. The more time you can set apart to enjoy it with bourbon and good conversations, the better. As a general rule of thumb, standard cigars have a ring gauge of 42.

What Should You Look for in a Cigar Body?

If you’re worried about smoking mid-range cigars at your family table next to your experienced puffing uncle who smokes little beasts, fear not! There’s nothing wrong with smoking mild cigars before you work your way up to stronger ones. But, on the other hand, turning yellow after dinner because you smoked big to impress is super uncool.

The cigar’s body has to do with its strength. So make your choice wisely, and don’t push it if you’re not a veteran cigar smoker. After all, it’s all about pleasure!

Is There an Optimal Shape for Cigars?

Cigars come in a variety of shapes. First, we have the regular or “Parejo” cigars with a rounded end and the same ring gauge at their tops and bottoms. Then, there are the irregular or “Figurado” cigars with pointed heads at one or both ends. And, finally, there are the “Culebra” cigars which look like a bundle of snakes, with three thin cigars twisted around each other.

You might wonder, “Does shape affect the taste of cigars”? To which we’d answer that cigars with different diameters at their tops and bottoms might have a different taste throughout the smoking experience. On the other hand, Parejo cigars have the same diameters in all their length, so the amount of tobacco, and therefore the taste, remain the same.

What Tastes of Cigars Are in the Market?

Luckily for you, we live in the golden era of cigars. So many tastes and flavors to choose from it makes us drool. So, we can’t really take the responsibility to guide you toward one flavor; you’ll have to try them all and pick one for yourself! We know, big trouble.

There are thousands of flavor palettes and taste combinations based on cigars’ composition. Factors such as priming can affect the final cigar taste. The spectrum can range from sweet tastes such as chocolate and toffee all the way to spicy ones such as black pepper and coffee. It’s your call!

Should You Pay Attention to Cigars’ Composition?

Composition plays a big role in the quality of cigars. Every cigar is made out of three tobacco leaves: wrapper, binder, and filler. These leaves contribute to every cigar brand’s flavors and characteristics. Here’s where a true tobacco master’s expertise lies.

Perhaps the most important contributor is the wrapper since it determines most of the cigar’s flavor and identity. That’s also the easiest way of judging cigars’ quality at a glance since lighter wrappers produce lighter smokes while darker ones produce heavier smokes. Additionally, the filler’s tightness determines how long the cigar smoke will be. Usually, the denser the filling, the longer the smoke.

Embark Your Journey to the World of Cigars!

There’s nothing more enjoyable than being a cigar smoker and knowing what you smoke. Taking some time to experience the little pleasures in life and focus on the subtle elements of what a cigar can offer is a sweet delight.

So, whether you’re an occasional smoker or a serial cigar lover, this cigar guide can help you make the right choices when buying your next cigars. Visit our online shop and get a real taste of what quality cigars are meant to be like. And for our newbies out there, welcome to the world of cigars!