5 Extraordinary Cigars Everyone Should Be Smoking


What cigar should I smoke when there are so many brands, flavors, and blends to choose from? With thousands of cigars in the world, trying them all seems a daunting – yet exciting – task. That’s why we curated this cigar list to guide your way through must-try cigars and highlight experiences you simply can’t miss.

High-quality cigars are not necessarily expensive or hard to find. Some can be spotted at the tobacco store around the corner from your house, while others can be ordered online through sites like Sigars.com. All of them, however, are worthy of your time and promise to take you on a trip to flavor. 

Some cigar fanatics can’t wait to smoke them, turning them into everyday cigars. Others simply store them in their humidors and hang on to them for years, treasuring them for rare occasions. No matter your preference, we’re all about getting out of your comfort zone and extending your perspective of the cigar industry. So, if you’re frenzy about extraordinary tastes, read on!

The Art of Cigar Smoking: 5 High-rated Cigars

If you’re used to smoking medium cigars, maybe it’s time to shift to full-bodied ones. Or, if you’ve never tasted a luxurious cigar, perhaps it’s time to level up. Yes, it’s always nice having your go-to brands and brews, but it would be a shame if you didn’t experiment with a wider range of shapes, colors, and flavors.

So here are our suggestions to explore different kinds of stories:

1. Ezra Zion – Fried Chicken Secret Recipe
This is the holy grail of all stogies, blended from some of the most phenomenal tobaccos that grow on Earth. Literally! Fried Chicken Secret Recipe is a total flavor bomb on steroids with richness and complexity that’ll leave you starstruck. This full-bodied goodness has a flawless profile of heavy whipping, cream, spice, cardamom, and butter cream. Wrapped in a buttery Corojo 99 claro leaf, it’s an absolute dream come true. And although fillers will remain a very well-guarded secret, be sure they’re 7-13 years old!

2. Gurkha – Prize Fighter
For our cigar lovers out there, here’s a cigar you never saw coming. Inspired by historic boxing figures from the 1900s, this handmade stogie wins on so many levels. With a profile of honey, nuts, and hay, and a picture-perfect Connecticut-shade Ecuadorian wrapper, it’s a pure sensation. A 3-year blend of Dominican fillers, and a double binder combo of Ecuadorian and Indonesian leaves, create a never-overpowering cigar. I promise you, you’ll want to light one stogie after the other.

3. Espinosa – Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 Toro
This cigar is pretty whacky and will challenge you to reimagine what draws you to cigars in the first place. Delicious to the core, it’s one of Espinosa’s most powerful blends, perfect for those special occasions you’ll want to remember forever. The cedar, red pepper, and nutmeg profile will take your palate to new heights with a toasty savoriness that will make you comfortable in no time. Time to break the rules for all you easy riders out there!

4. The Hogfish
Next on our cigar list is an exclusive named after a beast of a fish, the Hogfish. Big and bold, both in flavors and sizing, this grandioso-sized stick packs a walnut, creamy, nougat, and spicey profile. Smoke this bad boy on a yacht with the boys, at your favorite cigar lounge, or at a summer BBQ, and I promise you it’ll be a conversation starter. Make sure to drop the fact that the Hogfish is extremely rare because it won’t bite a hook and line. Respect.

5. Ezra Zion – Ugly Christmas Sweater 2021
Our cigar list would not be complete without the Ugly Christmas Seater 2021 cigar, an utter masterpiece! With layers of highly complex flavors, it has an overwhelmingly rich body and a balance of absolute precision. Taste the notes of dark brown sugar, honey, yellow cake, graham crackers, and mocha, and I guarantee you’ll be totally captivated. This is the 7th annual edition of the cigar release, making it one of the most anticipated stories of our collections.

What Cigar Should I Smoke: The Final Verdict

We hope our cigar list will inspire cigar aficionados to become adventurous in 2022! Make sure to get out of your comfort zone because you might discover new favorites to add to your collections. Explore more of the art of cigar smoking and our unique stogies at Sigars.com, and have them delivered right to your doorstep.